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The Almighty works marvels for me. Holy his name!

Focusing on Priesthood and Religious Life

Today is the second weekend of National Vocations Awareness Week. In the context of the call to all the baptised we especially pray for an increase in vocations to the Consecrated Life of Sisters and Brothers, the Diaconate and the Priesthood.

The gaze of God

In his message for World Day of Prayer for Vocations earlier this year, Pope Francis said: “…in every vocation, we are met with the gaze of God, who calls us. Vocation, like holiness, is not an extraordinary experience reserved for a few. Just as there is a ‘holiness of the saints next door’, so too there is a vocation for everyone, for God’s gaze and call is directed to everyone.”

These words truly set the theme once again this year for National Vocations Awareness Week incorporating the first two weekends of August. It’s all about the unique call and vocation of God to everyone.

Long gone are the days when we thought that it was only priests and Religious who had a vocation. In his message, Pope Francis makes this point: “Each man and woman, even before encountering Christ and embracing the Christian faith, receives with the gift of life a fundamental calling…at every moment of our lives, we are called to foster this divine spark, present in the heart of every man and woman.”

Pope Francis speaks of the further specification of God’s call when he mentions the ordained ministry, the consecrated life, marriage and every vocation and ministry in the Church. Again, all these vocations work together in the Church which is “an evangelising community”.

During this National Vocations Awareness Week, let’s acknowledge and celebrate the unique vocation God has given us. Remember that we can be no more fulfilled and happier in this life than when we are following God’s call. Remember that we can do no better and make no better a contribution than precisely in the vocation that comes from God.

Extract from The Southern Cross August 2022- Fr Dean Martin 
Fr Dean Martin is Vicar General and director of Vocations, Adelaide.

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