Catholic Parish of St Mary of the Presentation Mudgee

The Almighty works marvels for me. Holy his name!
MUDGEE ROSTERSaturday 30th October 6.00pmSunday 31st October 9.00am
CommentatorC. FurneyM. Matthews
First ReaderI. ByrneM. McLean
Second ReaderJ. NewmanM. Barrett
Special Ministers of CommunionA. Baker
Altar Servers
CounterMon 1st NovemberE. Goodlet
MUDGEE ROSTERSaturday 21st August 5.00pmSunday 22nd August 9.00am
CommentatorK. FitzsimmonsM. McLean
First ReaderI. ByrneR. McKeown
Second ReaderL. NicholsonH. Rodgers
Special Ministers of CommunionD. CunninghamL. Rodgers
Altar ServersF. SwiftM. Freebody
WelcomersA. MeadM. Dunnachie
CounterMon 23rd AugustL. Nicholson
MUDGEE ROSTERSaturday 28th August 5.00pmSunday 29th August 9.00am
CommentatorSt. MatthewsSt. Matthews
First ReaderSt. MatthewsSt. Matthews
Second ReaderSt. MatthewsSt. Matthews
Special Ministers of CommunionSt. MatthewsSt. Matthews
Altar ServersH. Portelli
P. Portelli
R. George
WelcomersSt. MatthewsSt. Matthews
CounterMon 30th Augusttba
1st AugP. LeottaF. McConvilleR. Saliba
8th AugR. SalibaM. McgregorR. Saliba
15th AugE. DonnellyO.O’BrienM & E Carney
22nd AugD. KellyJ. ThatcherE. Donnelly
G. Ausburn