Who, me?

At the beginning of 2018 requests to join our Church Ministries was happening.

I had been quietly approached by a member of our Parish to join the Pastoral Council. Why me, I asked myself, what do I have to offer, do I have the enthusiasm, is this the right time in my life? Will it make my life too busy? The easy path would have been to say NO, however these questions and the idea of joining kept pecking away at me, and after much reflection and consideration I said Yes.

So why did I say YES?

I enjoy being a part of St. Mary’s Parish community, and felt that being a member of the Pastoral Council was an opportunity to support, serve and grow our community.

I felt it was good to take myself out of my comfort zone, to meet new people, to stimulate my thought processes, share ideas and work within a supportive team to strengthen our Parish community.

I knew that the Pastoral Council has members from St Matthews School and the Parish and this appealed to my history with both, as for many years it has been important to me that we continue to engage between Parish and school and nurture the connectiveness between the two.

I liked the idea of being helpful to our Priests (Father Owen and now also Father Dong). They have such busy roles over and above their ministry, and I felt that being part of the Pastoral Council was one way of assisting them.

Ultimately joining the Pastoral Council was an answer for a call to Ministry, an opportunity to find my gifts and talents and grow them personally for the benefit of our community.

Was I nervous and unsure going to my first few meetings? Definitely, however after now being a member for one full active year and one covid 19 year (not so active) I have to say I am so grateful that in 2018 I said YES.

I have seen the positive work the Pastoral Council does. I’ve been involved in discussion teams which quietly work towards improving areas of St Mary’s Pastoral work. I have been part of a wonderful group of people who are all working in such a positive, caring way to nurture, support and build our Parish of St Mary’s.

I encourage you to say YES and add your name to a nomination for the Pastoral Council. You will be welcomed.

Annette Fergus (Current member)