Solemnity of St Patrick Thursday, 17 March, 2022 Mass at St Mary of the Presentation, Mudgee at 5:45pm

Followed by a parish barbeque.
All are welcome.
Wear something green.

For catering numbers, please put your name down on the sheet at the back of the church or call the parish office by Tuesday, 15th March.


St Patrick was born in Britain c.385, then part of the Roman Empire, and as a young man was captured by Irish pirates and sold into slavery. After six years in Ireland he escaped, returned to his family and trained for the priesthood in Gaul. In c.435 he returned to Ireland as a missionary bishop. Through his work, Christianity flourished and the church became organised.

Although not extensively learned, St Patrick was known for his sincerity and pastoral care, and was largely concerned with abolishing paganism and idolatry and encouraged monasticism. There are many legends about Ireland’s most beloved saint, including his use of the shamrock for explaining the trinity, and his banishing of all snakes from Ireland.